Android Enterprise - MobileIron configuration Builder

This tool helps you generate the JSON configuration for Chrome Bookmarks, the Android Webapp and MobileIron Docs@Work. Click on "Add" to add the required lines to your configuration, then fill in the fields and generate the JSON. The Remove button will delete the last line of the current configuration. No validation of the inputs is done
MobileIron also created such a generator in the Docs@Work application, but it is not very handy.

New September 2018:Android Webapp configuration generator + Revert JSON button
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Please use the latest Firefox or Chrome version. Nomasis cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this tool.

Chrome Bookmarks

Android Webapp

The Android Webapp will help you generate "webclips" on Android and Android Enterprise
Icon Recommended Size: 192x192px, PNG Format. Use can use the following tool to generate a compatible icon set:

Docs@Work Content sites

Docs@Work Apptunnel rules